Tuesday, March 20, 2018


This was the day my 60+ year dream 
finally came true! 

It's a springtime I'll never forget. 

In France they call springtime 

Our first full day in Paris was my 
Eiffel Tower Day! I was sooo ready!
To say I was excited is quite an 

Hubby looked so dapper! 
Look at how handsome he is. 
(I know. I'm prejudice.)

So we ventured out and got in a taxi cab. 
The driver said "Where to?" 
I said "The Eiffel Tower!"
He said "No English!" 
(How could he be a taxi driver and not 
have heard a thousand people say 
Eiffel Tower??)
This went back & forth a few times.
Suddenly I remembered... 
"La Tour Eiffel!"
And off we went for a ride of terror 
though the streets of Paris! He could 
squeeze that taxi through the 
narrowest places.  We were actually grabbing
onto each other & gritting our teeth!  

Then all of sudden there it was... 
my dream come true. 

It was so huge! I mean really really huge! 

I could hardly wrap my head around 
it. I was in total awe! 

The architectural detail of this 
masterpiece blew me away!
Just look at the arch. 

Moi & hubby.

Son & father.
(Our son & his wife went with us 
and were our tour guides since 
they had been to Paris before.) 

When up in the tower the scenery was the 
epitome of sightseeing.

How sweet it is! 

The Seine River

Park Du Champs De Mars

Jardins Du Trocadero

This is my "where's Waldo" photo, 
only this is "where's the Arc de Triomphe"! 

I've always seen the carousel at the Eiffel 
Tower with an incredible crown decorating 
the top of it. Well guess what? No crown!! 
But that couldn't burst my bubble! LOL

One HAPPY girl!! 

My dear hubby. 

We went to the main observatory 
deck which is very high. But there was 
a smaller deck even higher up. 
We didn't go higher. 
Hubby's walking stick/cane was not 
allowed up there & I wasn't 
going alone! 

Some might call this the 
stairway to heaven but alas 
it's the stairs up to the 2nd deck!

Then it was time to leave this 
magical place. A day to remember 
for a lifetime! 

Thanks for sharing these 
special moments with me. 

Next time, 
"Marie Antoinette Goes to Paris"

Blessings always, 
Edie Marie

Friday, March 16, 2018


Top o' the mornin' to ya! 

Here's wishing you love, 


and happiness 


Blessings you & yours!! 

Edie Marie

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


In May of 2015 I took the trip of a lifetime! 
My wonderful hubby took me to 
(drum roll please) 


One of my first photos at the Eiffel Tower

Of course there's a story that 
goes with this... 

When I was a little girl my mom 
would let me sit on her bed when she 
was getting ready to go out with my 
dad & watch her put on her jewelry.
She'd let me look through, what I called, 
her treasure box. 
It had lots of little boxes that held 
her jewelry sets, sparkly rhinestone 
brooches, screw-on earrings, pearls 
and "treasures"! 

Two of my favorite "treasures" 
were a little Eiffel Tower and 
a postcard sent to my dad from one 
of my favorite uncles when he was 
in Paris during WWII. 
The picture on the postcard was of 
the same tower as the miniature.
Under the tower it said "le tour Eiffel". 

Every time I would ask my mom
"What's this called again Mommy?" 
Her answer was always the same, 
"It's the Eiffel Tower in Paris France." 
"Where is that?"
"It's on the other side of the world!"
Then I would say, 
"I'm going to go there someday to 
see it Mommy!" 
And every time her answer was, 
"Sure honey." 

Because of that postcard I have loved 
everything related to Paris, France and 
the Eiffel Tower my entire life! 
And yes, I still have that postcard!! 

So on Mother's Day we landed at 
Charles de Gaulle Airport in 
Paris, France! 

This was the second best Mother's Day
in my life. The first was getting the 
news that our first grandchild was 
on the way. So Mother's Day is pretty 
special to me! 

Our youngest son and his wife came 
with us, they had been to Paris before 
and were the perfect tour guides! 
After checking in to our hotel, my hubby 
had to rest as he was exhausted. But 
the Paris atmosphere gave me a 
surge of energy. 
Our son & his wife asked me if I 
wanted to explore the area and find 
some dinner. Oh how I loved it! It 
was like being in an old movie. 
Everything was quaint, historical, 
beautiful. To me, breathtaking. 

Triadou Haussman
80 Boulevard Haussmann

Moi at my first sidewalk cafe! 

My youngest son and tour guide.

After our dinner at a 
great sidewalk cafe we ventured 
a while longer finding a lovely 
little park in the middle of city. 
When you entered it suddenly became
quiet and calm. The same feeling 
that occurs when you enter Central Park 
in NYC. To our surprise there was 
a building in the park. 

It turned out this place was  
Chapelle Expiatoire the 
first place King Louie XVI and 
Queen Marie Antoinette 
were buried after they were 
guillotined. A chapel built by 
King Louis XVIII surrounded 
by a small green space. 
(Formally Madeleine Cemetery)

Now I have always had an 
infatuation with Marie and here 
I was, on my very first day here,
 in this special place connected 
to her that I never knew existed. 

We had the most wonderful walk and
ventured to another 
sidewalk cafe for 
Creme brulee


Portons un toast a Paris!
(Let's toast to Paris!)

It was such a sweet day! 

I'll be posting more of my 
Paris adventures with you 
in the future to give you a 
glimpse of Paris through 
my eyes. 

Until then... 

Blessings Always! 
Edie Marie

Monday, January 15, 2018


Bonjour mes amis

I'm hoping that all of you are well, 
happy and enjoying life! 

I am doing quite well after an 
unexpected journey of 
breast cancer. 
It's not a journey anyone ever wants
 but oh my do you learn a lot! You 
learn about cancer, the surgeries 
involved, the treatments involved, 
the side effects from the treatments, 
the incredible doctors (I had 3 doctors 
that were amazing), the kindness and 
compassion of your friends & family, 
and about yourself! 

You're stronger than you think! 
 For me it came from 
my faith in God. He helped me get 
though every step of the journey. 

As of February 3rd I'll be 

Thank you God!! 
And thank you to my surgeon, 
my oncologist & my radiologist. 
A fabulous team! 
I nickamed them 
Dr Hallelujah
Dr Starwars 

Dr Eradicate

If you've found yourself in this situation 
and live in central Ohio let me know. 
I can give you their real names & 
contact info. 

I also learned about being bald! It's 
a really weird experience! You don't 
know how your hair defines you until 
you don't have any. When it was 
coming out in fistfuls I took the 
bull by the horns and combed through 
it resulting in what looked like a 
small furry animal! Followed by 
getting out the hair clippers and 
shaving down the strange tufts of 
hair I had left. It was a powerful 

(October 2017 starting to grow back)

On the subject of "hair", 
I also learned that when your hair 
is suddenly falling out it hurts. 
AND when it grows back in it 
hurts. Go figure!! No one tells you 
that kind of stuff!

I suddenly went in search of hats. 
Hats that looked decent on me.
My favorite hat was...


(April 2017)

It's a process, believe me.

Then I turned to wigs. 
I had two which I named "Gigi" 
and the other one "Fifi".

 Gigi is short and sassy.

Fifi is short on one side & longer on the other.
It has a tre chic quality, hence the name. 

(Moi & my darling hubby, my rock!)

 My wigs have been a big part of the journey.
They gave me some identity! 
A huge gigantic tip: 
If you buy a wig take it to your 
hairdresser and have them style it 
on your head. It suddenly has the 
perfect shape and definition that 
ALL wigs need.

Now my hair is growing back. 
BUT I don't think it's mine!! 
It has wave & grey and I'm sure 
God gave me someone else's hair!! 
It's as much of a challenge as being bald.

I have so much to share about the 
journey but I have to take it in baby 
steps. You see I have "chemo" brain 
and have to unlock files in my brain 
to say what I want to get across. 
( It's also a great excuse for being 
forgetful. Don't tell my hubby!)
More on that later!  

All this to ask you
Honestly, my breast cancer was found 
in stage 1 because of my annual 

If sharing my journey saves ONE person 
by having a mammogram it's worth it! 
Are you that one person??
Don't be afraid of a mammogram. 
Take the time to actually schedule one. 

Blessings always, 
Edie Marie