Tuesday, March 20, 2018


This was the day my 60+ year dream 
finally came true! 

It's a springtime I'll never forget. 

In France they call springtime 

Our first full day in Paris was my 
Eiffel Tower Day! I was sooo ready!
To say I was excited is quite an 

Hubby looked so dapper! 
Look at how handsome he is. 
(I know. I'm prejudice.)

So we ventured out and got in a taxi cab. 
The driver said "Where to?" 
I said "The Eiffel Tower!"
He said "No English!" 
(How could he be a taxi driver and not 
have heard a thousand people say 
Eiffel Tower??)
This went back & forth a few times.
Suddenly I remembered... 
"La Tour Eiffel!"
And off we went for a ride of terror 
though the streets of Paris! He could 
squeeze that taxi through the 
narrowest places.  We were actually grabbing
onto each other & gritting our teeth!  

Then all of sudden there it was... 
my dream come true. 

It was so huge! I mean really really huge! 

I could hardly wrap my head around 
it. I was in total awe! 

The architectural detail of this 
masterpiece blew me away!
Just look at the arch. 

Moi & hubby.

Son & father.
(Our son & his wife went with us 
and were our tour guides since 
they had been to Paris before.) 

When up in the tower the scenery was the 
epitome of sightseeing.

How sweet it is! 

The Seine River

Park Du Champs De Mars

Jardins Du Trocadero

This is my "where's Waldo" photo, 
only this is "where's the Arc de Triomphe"! 

I've always seen the carousel at the Eiffel 
Tower with an incredible crown decorating 
the top of it. Well guess what? No crown!! 
But that couldn't burst my bubble! LOL

One HAPPY girl!! 

My dear hubby. 

We went to the main observatory 
deck which is very high. But there was 
a smaller deck even higher up. 
We didn't go higher. 
Hubby's walking stick/cane was not 
allowed up there & I wasn't 
going alone! 

Some might call this the 
stairway to heaven but alas 
it's the stairs up to the 2nd deck!

Then it was time to leave this 
magical place. A day to remember 
for a lifetime! 

Thanks for sharing these 
special moments with me. 

Next time, 
"Marie Antoinette Goes to Paris"

Blessings always, 
Edie Marie

Friday, March 16, 2018


Top o' the mornin' to ya! 

Here's wishing you love, 


and happiness 


Blessings you & yours!! 

Edie Marie